Planely Fun Valentine!


Several weeks ago, I designed my son’s Valentines. They’re cute–designed to be fun but not TOO cute while not being TOO commercial. I was going put them in my store, but then realized that I’d rather offer them out there for anyone who wants one. They’re pretty simple–cut at the dashed lines, fold down the middle, then fold down the wings.

Best thing: they are horribly non-aerodynamic. Yeah, that means that they won’t be launched across the room and hit the poor teacher in the back of the head.  She might actually appreciate these–they’ll take a little bit of time to cut out and make. I can’t imagine that isn’t a nice thing when the kidlets are all hopped up on sugar 😉

Download Planely Valentines.

Thinking warmer thoughts

I’m writing this during what I hope is the coldest week of the year. On Wednesday, our temps didn’t get above 0ºF , and last night when I left school, it was 1ºF. No matter what any northerner tells you, it’s not fun.  At least, not for a week at a time.

Since I’m trying to be positive, I did the only possible thing: daydream about warmer times. The sap-filled twigs, the tiny buds….and those fields of green. And that’s where these came from. I hope they make you feel warm thoughts, too. All labels are available at my website, Bohtieque Design.

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By the way, I’m thinking about making one of these into a few pieces of personalized stationery.  Which would you like to use? Leave a comment!

POLL: Pick my inspiration

So, it’s no secret that I love old, old, old images. They’re beautiful, they’re quirky, and they’re fun. There are so many, though, that it’s hard to choose from them all. So, I’m wondering, do you want to help?


I love these three right now–the hand, a big snail and the rooster. Which would you like me to use in an upcoming design? I’ll be starting that project in about a week and a half, so let me know with your vote by January 14!


An Elephant’s View

blogelephantSo, last fall I saw this old elephant image that called to me. I started a design with it and then was called away–probably to make paper airplanes or tape an original spoken word piece by my 8-year-old.

The design has been staring at me, murmuring “save me,” every time I open a file. Finally, tonight I grabbed it again and started working. A few hours later, this is what I have.

Introducing An Elephant’s View.

It’s a little of the old, a little of the new and strikes a balance with a touch of whimsy. I think it might be a new favorite.

What do you think?

Apostrophes. They’re tricky.

greengrocer-s-apostrophe-correctionApostrophes are tricky. I know.

No, you don’t understand. I teach high school English. I mean I really know. (Now, don’t go judging my writing–this is a one-woman shop, and I have no budget for editors.)

Here’s a quick guide on how to use an apostrophe in your last name: First, most likely, you won’t do it.  Here’s the thing–normally, an apostrophe shows possession. Take this sentence, for example:

Julie’s Diet Coke spilled on her keyboard.

So, what does Julie possess? That Diet Coke.  This is the correct way to use an apostrophe.

Too often, you see families throw an apostrophe at the end of their name to show that there is more than one person in the family. Like this:

The Smith’s went on vacation to Door County.

See how Smith’s is just supposed to mean that more than one Smith went to Door County?

Instead, the writer should have written this:

The Smiths went on vacation to Door County.

Of course, if you’re like me and you have a last name that ends with an “s,” there’s a whole ‘nother set of rules you’ve got to wade through. I’ll let you get the scoop and some verification from my favorite grammarian: Grammar Girl.

Grocer’s apostrophe image from Wikipedia