I blame winter!

I haven’t flaked out on you, yet, I swear. There’s a story behind my little blog break…and, thank God, I’m here to tell it.

So, a little background: Aside from Bohtieque, I’m a high school English-slash-media-slash-journalism teacher. Basically, I get to help teens become better communicators, both in word and visuals. Every other year, I plan a trip to the National High School Journalism Convention so that I can give kids the chance to learn more about their craft and teach some other valuable lessons, like how to get yourself on an airplane and how to use public transportation. (I live in a rural area–there are no buses but school buses here!)

This year, the trip was to San Francisco. In fact, you can see the view from the plane as we left in the photo above.

There are actually two of them every year, and one’s in November while the other is in April. I grew up in Wisconsin with a very healthy fear of winter travel, so I opt for the April every time. I mean, when was the last time there was a blizzard in April, right?

Well, aside from Saturday, the day we flew into Minneapolis?

Yup. Two days ago.

I’d planned to update the blog and do more lettering in the mornings before the kids got up and were ready for the day, but on Monday, just two days before we left, I saw a friend from South Dakota post something about a weekend snowstorm on Facebook. I couldn’t get it out of my head–I mean, one spot in North Dakota was supposed to get 35+ inches, and that’s just a state over from Minnesota. So, instead of updating the blog and lettering, I watched weather reports, obsessively checked the hourly detail at three locations on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website, and kept an eye on the Wisconsin and Minnesota road conditions.

For a bit on Friday morning, my husband was trying to convince me to come home early. I thought about it, but decided against it…after all, by the time we would fly in, Minnesota would already be starting to feel the effects. If we needed to, we’d stay an extra day in SF or maybe in Minneapolis–it’s a two-and-a-half hour drive home from the airport.

So, Saturday morning at 4 a.m., my kids and I got into a SuperShuttle to head to the airport, an airport I was fully prepared to spend a lot of time in. To my astonishment, our plane left on time at 6:30 that morning, it wasn’t diverted, and we landed at noon in Minneapolis to a very snow-covered landscape.

We got our butts out of the airport, back to a snow-and-ice-covered car, and got on the road. There looked to be a lull between the storm we were seeing in Minneapolis and load of snow that was going to dump itself on our homes, and I didn’t want to be stuck in the Cities not knowing when we’d be able to get home. We drove through a blizzard for the first hour, and then just snow and rain after that.

It took an extra hour and a half, but we made it back in one piece. Thank god, because it had just started to snow at home…by the end of it, we had over 15″ on the ground. You can see my kidlet playing in it below–visual evidence that yes, we can go from NO snow to 15″ in April. You’ve got to love-hate Wisconsin.

So…I’m sorry for the delay. Life and weather intervened. If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, I’m planning on sending out a late Fridays Freebie later this afternoon. If you haven’t subscribed, now is the time!

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