Day 7 of Spring Break–I mean, SNOW Break

Wisconsin Loves Food SVG [Etsy] [Bohtieque]

We were supposed to go back to school today. This morning I got up, took the dog out, got in the shower, did some work on my Etsy shop, and started keeping my eye on the clock. After all, it’s a school day, and I needed to get back to teaching. Right?

Well, not really.

It’s April 3, and most of western and central Wisconsin just had a snow day.

I love tulips. And crocuses. And daffodils. Last week, almost the entire yard was snow free. Today? It’s under at least six inches of snow.

I hate you, Wisconsin. I’ve also been at home for SEVEN days straight with a child whose only source of social interaction (outside of Easter dinner) has been me, my husband and our dog.

This is a real conversation I just had with him.

ME: What did you think when you woke up and found out it was a snow day?

KID: Hmm.


KID: Weeeeeelllll.


KID: I don’t know.


KID: I don’t like school anyway. That goes to everyone who doesn’t like school. I was just going to sit here every day, eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping then getting up and playing a little games…and so on.

And today was a snow day make-up day…which means we still have to make up a snow day. So, I sat here and thought, “What is it I can do to think positive thoughts about Wisconsin?” (For real.) And then, my mind skipped to food (as usual), and that reminded me that I still had to get my Wisconsin Loves Food design posted. It’s this doodle thing I did a few months ago during another snowy day.

You know, even though the snow hasn’t let up, and I’m a little worried we’ll be snowbound again tomorrow, just thinking about summer and grilled beer brats and ice cream at Wilson’s kind of makes me feel OK with Wisconsin again. For a little bit.

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