Live in a tourist town? You know what I mean.

I live in an area that’s kind of touristy. Not like my favorite Wisconsin destination–Door County–but still, most of those really nice public-access spots have been discovered and really can only be visited in solitude during weekday mornings. Yes, Wazee, I’m thinking of you.

And then there’s my backyard. I live in the country on a small two-acre lot. There’s a pole shed behind the house, riiiight across the property line. It’s been converted into a vacation cabin. A few years back it was bought by, honestly, the nicest people from Iowa, and you know that’s saying a lot.

The thing is, I grew up on a farm with my only real neighbors being family. I am an introvert at heart, and I love my quiet.

When they come (and it’s not often), it’s usually a group of, like 16 people ALL at once. The kids come knocking on the door multiple times a day, asking if the kidlet wants to come out and play (I’m not used to this at all), and the four-wheelers whine from sun-up to sundown.

Basically, they’re using the property in an entirely responsible way and are pleasant…but like, I said, I’m an introvert. I’d be happy to live in the middle of 40 acres with no neighbors. Regardless of my feelings about my space, I’d never wear this shirt around them.

Thinking about Wazee, though….well, the beach is nuts sometimes, and I have this teacher tick– every time I see a kid drinking, I feel like I have to intervene. (And this is Wisconsin…it happens ALL THE TIME, especially on the beach and especially during the summer.) If I were less nice than I am, I might consider wearing this one to Wazee, though. What do you think?

Download the file at Etsy.

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