Sometimes you do weird things for the kids you love.

My child is an unapologetic 11-year-old boy. He loves the disgusting parts of life, and revels in coming up with truly gross wordage. I, on the other hand, love making him happy, even when sometimes it delves into his interest in potty humor.

Yesterday’s Easter basket gift was an example of how our loves combined.

“Eat my mist”? It’s an 11-year-old’s creative attempt at referencing flatulation. See? I REALLY love him. Not that I’m thinking anyone would want it, but here’s the SVG, if you’ve got a gross 11-year-old.

Download the Eat My Mist SVG file. For personal use only, please. No selling or redistributing on your own. Send your friends here if they’d like the file 🙂

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