There’s something about boys.

This is a short one. My hair is wet. I’m racing to get this finished before the alarm clock in the boy’s room goes off–that’s the signal that my time alone is over.

Once in a while, I think about what it will be like when he’s gone–out of the house, living a hopefully safe and productive life on his own. (He still says he’s going to take us with him, and we’ll all live together. Apparently, he’s going to make enough bank that we’ll be able to live in a separate wing of his very large compound).

It will happen. I can’t fight it. I’m going to miss the little things–those talks about what horrible things happened at school, how amazing his coach is, all those great graphic novels he dreams up, and what annoys him at the moment about the dog. Plus, the wierd messes he makes with microwave experiments and the pile of dishes he “can’t” put away because he’s too short. (He’s an inch shorter than me, and somehow I manage.)

Even if his clothes are boring to shop for…I’m still happy to be a boy mama. If you want the SVG for the lettering above, it’s here. It’s freshly handlettered this morning. So productive are we boy mamas. All free files on this blog are for personal use only, folks. Please don’t redistribute the file or sell your work. If you want more free SVGs, please subscribe to the newsletter over on the sidebar there…

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