This Woman is Fierce (or not…)

First, let’s get this straight: I don’t really feel that fierce most of the time. Sometimes, looking back, I think, “wow–that was pretty ballsy.” (Yes, I really think in these words–I’m no poet, that’s for sure.) But most of the time, no. Not fierce.

It’s what I wish for with the young women in my life. If they can capture the fierceness that I only pretended to have in my teens and twenties, life would be so much more for them–I hope. Those mean girls? Boys that think they own you or only want you when they need you for something? “Friends” who continuously change plans and leave you out? Bosses that think your job might be better suited to a man? Forget that.

Fierce girls know that they can do that job just as well as a man. Boss thinks you might be a second choice? Work hard, but keep looking because you don’t want to be around someone who’s always looking for excuses why you can’t do it better.

Fierce girls know that sometimes a night spent alone is better than waiting all night for fickle friends. They won’t be friends for long, so don’t let it get to you. You’ll all grow up, spread your wings…and you’ll find your people. The ones who treasure you just as much as you treasure them.

Fierce girls know that boys aren’t really worth it until they turn 25 or so. And even then, not all of them are worth it, anyway. If you find one that lifts you up and loves you for you, great. But don’t spend all your time looking for him. You can live without boys.

Fierce girls know that the mean girls only are mean because they lack something in their lives. Show them that you’re hurt, and you’ve let them win. Be fierce.

I’m sure in a few decades, I’ll be able to wrap my head around what makes a fierce woman, but until then, I’ll just keep repeating “This Woman is Fierce” in my head. Sooner or later, maybe it will stick.

This Woman is Fierce” SVG/wall art at Etsy | “This Woman is Fierce” SVG/wall art at Bohtieque

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