Welcome to the new Bohtieque website!

dsc-0119It’s always a work in progress.

I’m taking a break after a backbreaking Monday and much more rewarding Tuesday to finally let you in on the secret that’s not so secret anymore–Bohtieque has a new website!

I’ve been thinking about this move for a long, long time. While I love Etsy, and I don’t plan on leaving it any time soon, I wanted more flexibility and an easier experience for you. I love that you’ll finally be able to type customization in at the product page, something that has been a struggle since the first time I sold a personalized product. Payment options are the same–you can still use both PayPal or a credit card. It’s up to you.

There’s more to come.
Twenty-four hours ago, I was figuratively neck-deep in documentation as I got through one of the stickier parts of putting together the new shop. The dust has finally cleared. As I write this, my desk is still a mess (I submit the above oh-so-messy photo as evidence), but I’ve uploaded the majority of my label design library and made the designs available to buy.

Like I said, though, more is coming. While I’ll be putting up some of my classic card designs, more will be joining them over the next few days. Yes, you’ll be able to see more matching sets. Finally, right? I’ll also be working on more notepad sets and some more stationery.

Plus, I’m planning a grand opening–probably for the beginning of the new year. So while I’m open here, and I’ve got my nifty free shipping for orders over $50 working, There’s still more coming.

And you’ve heard that from me a few times in this post, right?

I’m open.

I don’t just mean that the store is open for business. I’m also open to ideas. If you have suggestions or would like to see a particular product, drop me a line. My email is julie@bohtieque.com, and I’d love to hear from you.

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